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  Here is more of J.Park from JapanBoyz. This guy is pretty cute! The short cut I am showing here is just the introduction to the full episode. I am suprised how well his English is. A funny thing is the photographer ask if he will trust them if they tie him up. His answer is " maybe " ....  hehe .  I can understand you J.Park 😉 Remember if you decide to try out JapanBoyz you get free access to 5 more sites: BoyKakke, Asianboyfeet, GayAsianAmateurs, GayAsianAnime, and SDBoy. Click here to Visit Japanboyz for the complete HD Movie + plenty of others!



I have not been a member to the BoyCrush site for a while.  But I recently joined again and found many new updates. Here is some screenshots from one of the latest January movie updates. Those guys are skinny and I love it!  The guy who actually caught my eye was the Latin dude. He get pounded by both those skinny boy.  Click here to Visit BoyCrush and see full movie.





Note: If you are curious about other BoyCrush updates I have posted. Click the "Boycrush" tag at the bottom of the post. You will also see who is my favourite brownie boy from this great site 😉

[flv: 450 254]

  This is from this Saturday update on PrivateBoyMovie. After Bomb has licked Awe's gaping hole soacking wet the fucking starts. These guys fucking in many positions. Fascinating to see how Awe's hole is wide open every time Bomb pull his dick out.  Many sites seem to cut the scenes where the guys pulls out, but this one show it all! Click here to Visit Privateboymovie and see it all + other horny Asian boys in HD. And enjoy the picture of the guys below.  If you like skinny, then you probably like Bomb 😉




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  I was looking around over at Twinks and I found this hot dark guy named Tristan B.  He reminds me of an Sri Lanka boy I once met, but not sure where Tristan is from.   Here I have put together some short clips from some scenes featuring Tristan.  I love the color of his skin, and he seem to be a horny and willing guy.   Click here to Visit Twinks   Mummy! I want chocolate now !  😉

[flv: 450 254]

The good doctor is at it again over at DoctorTwink. 🙂  "To test his patients morale, the doctor lets his firm juicy hardon out for a bit of sucking. Pleased with the sample, he strips down to undies with his patient, and the forbidden orgy of oral begins. With hungry gay Asian mouths wrapped around greedy cocks, these guys get everything nice and wet. Dr. Twink licks his patients puckering love tunnel and performs many taste examinations, making sure the patients boy bits are in perfect health." Click here to Visit DoctorTwink.  Remember access to DoctorTwink also give you full access to 3 other great Asian Bareback sites!




 Another hot Black guy from Badpuppy. This guy sure has a big booty, but maybe not the biggest cock 🙂  Click here to Visit Badpuppy.




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  This is first time I post something from BlacksonBoys.  Not because it is bad, but I have not found it before 😉   Here is cute Latin boy named Billy hooked up with a hot Black guy. And there seems to be some good chemistry going on here. Billy is very cute indeed, I could do him anytime! There are many hot episodes like this on the site. I honestly don't find all of them attractive, but there are some cuties. And there are MANY epsiodes to choose from.     Click here to Visit BlacksonBoys for full Quality Downloads.    




I was looking in the archives of BoyFun when I found Justin. So I simply had to post him because he is so good looking.  Click here to Visit BoyFun in their Ethnics category and you will see much more fun 😉




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  This is from this Wednesday update from PrivateBoyMovie. If you are into anal play this is really something! This guy get his smooth shaved little hole fingered, fucked and fisted! Definitely allot of clean anal fun here! It looks so clean that I could drink that white gooey juice dripping out of his ass! 🙂  Click here to Visit Privateboymovie and see it all + other horny Asian boys in HD.




 Damn! that Philippine boy is really cute. Would love to give him a helping hand 🙂  Click here to Visit GayAsianTwinkz for more of Jesse and his horny friends.







Check out Asian boy Ton from AsianBoysinPain. The site says he is from Singapore but he is actually Thai. This is kind of bragging, but I have met this guy. He told me his mother was Thai, but his father Norwegian. When you look at him it could actually be true. He definitely look like there could be some white mix in his blood. Click here to Visit AsianBoysinPain for full hardcore movie with Ton and other sexy Asian boys!