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Hot Damn! Ryan Sharp is new over at TeachTwinks, and he is really hot!


Ryan Sharp is stuck in detention but he passes the time by daydreaming about fucking his hot teacher, Danny Brooks. He finds himself sitting on his teacher’s desk while Mr. Brooks sucks his dick.

Ryan wants to be rimmed, too, and next he’s bent over a stool with Danny’s face buried in his ass. Ryan must love facials, because after being furiously fucked on the desk, he imagines Danny dropping a fat load all over his face!

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Yeah, a new really cute boy at BFH Productions. He is such a stunner and he is quite a naturist, like to jerk off out in the fresh air. I on the other hand would prefer a taste of that fresh 18 yo boy sperma! By the way his name is Chiquito 😉

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This smooth shaved beauy from is named Loy. He is a really horny 18 years old bottom boy, he love to take it in the ass. BARE!

Here Loy is just offed from Krazy Dragon in Pattaya. He follows the cameraman to the hotell for hardcore action.
Loy is not shy at all, so he imediately says yes to doing a vido and photo shoot. Loys is so horny that he wannts the white cock all bare, and he get it! He eagerly rides the foreigner (farrang) and let the cock slipp out from his hole and sucking it without hesitation. That is a dirty bitch! There is allot of ass to mouth action here, and Loy get fucked in serverl position before taking the load in his mouth. But that was obviously not enough for Loy, he demands to be fucked with a bottle to shoot his spunky creamy Thaiboy load!

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There is allot of big cocks over at Here is a couple of them in action in the newest update. Here we see smooth shaved Martin and Oskar in a beautiful photoset. The boys suck and fuck, and it all ends up with a sticky mess of cum all over Oskar. Poor poor guy…. or lucky ? 😉

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Hot horny Asian Hong Kong lads from JetWang taking a hot shower together after a long hard day.

They find themselves in need of imediate sexual release and the urges takes over.

Damn these guys are sweet ,
love the way Hongbao with great care take that hard cock in his mouth, licking and sucking it!

Click Here to Visit JetWang for Full Set and Videos raw and brutal sex! Kneeling on the desk with his arms fixed to a hand-pillow. Cock and balls exposed he gets his anus heavily fucked with a dildo-plug. Then Vadim gets rimmed, humiliated and forced to suck.
The door opens. Two guys enter the interrogation room. Vadim is only dressed in his underwear and with his sneakers. Jurek tells him to kneel on the table. Then he pulls down the undies and finally the shoes of the boy. He takes a hand-pillory and forces Vadim´s arms inside. But even more evil is the small hole for his cock and balls. The pillory is tight and uncomfortable. Once it is fixed the poor victim has no option but to kneel and to obey.
Jurek loves his power. He enjoys to see the poor boy in this helpless and humiliating position. He starts to fondle the balls and touches his captive everywhere. Then he takes a plug. He shows it to the frightened boy before he rudely pushes it inside. He moves it first left and then right. Deep inside and out again. The torment seems to be endless. Vadim pretends to be strong. But how long can he take it?
After a whole while Jurek gets bored. Now he needs a good blow-job. He sits on the desk and grabs the boy´s head. “Suck you little bastard!” And Vadim again has no choice but to obey. He tries his very best to finally make the soldier cum. But will he succeed or will this odyssey just go on? His pervert captors appear to have a whole lot of fantasies and they know no mercy. And Vadim is also worried about the fate of this mate Dima. What did they do to him?

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 Up now is Maxim from I would say Maxim has reddish-brown hair and has a well built cock. Love his freckles and would like to add some cum splatter over them and lap it all up again 😉 Maxim you are my favourite Russian today!

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Well actually Ton is not from Singapore, belive they got things mixed up over at Anyway it is not so important! Ton here speaks perfectly Thai and I met him in Pattaya a few years ago. He told me he is 50% Norwegian and 50% Thai, and when you look at him, his skin is quite light, he has some bodyhair and his nose is more “farrang / foreigner” style then Thai. He wa a great fuck and he took it hard and long, so when I look at these pics from my memories comes back and I just need to emty my balls 😉

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Check out this amazing bareback orgie from , this guy really get creamed!

Dustins Revees’ cumhole gets used and creamed like never before in this uninhibited twink gangbang.

Four of our nastiest bareback twinks join forces to stretch and breed our resident cumwhore’s boy-hole, Hung Hotstud, Wade Christianson and Adam Jacobs take a stab at Revees raw hole, as well as sexy hot new cum-er Josh Bensan and the young sex pig, Ace Lockheart. Part one of the bareback twink gang bang leaves Dustin drenched in cum and will leave you wanting more.

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This is up from As we all know, Asian twinks from certain countries are commonly known for having small cocks.

But every now and then I run into a very gifted gay Asian boy who sports a cock that widens my eyes and drops my jaw druling. Arjo’s tool is without a doubt one of the biggest I’ve ever seen on an Phillipine guy. Enjoy this solo of Arjo showing off his Asian boy feet and stroking his dangling hung low cock and balls just for you with a helping hand.

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The latest update at JapanBoyz.comrocks hard! This one is all about the sextoys. Tatsushi, one of the most popular models at JapanBoyz, sees Ryudoing some cleaning. His hot ass bent over, Tatsushi takes a massager and massages Ryu’s hot little willing ass. The lovely couple tounge kisses, as Tatsushi starts licking Ryu’s itchy nipples, then sucks his hard cock.

Ryu wants some of Tatsushi’s hot sexy body too. He licks Tatsushi’s body all over and then massages his cock through his underwear.

Tatsushi takes the toy and sticks Ryu’s dick through the slot and vibrates it, while at the same time licking his dick head. The head is all red and looks ready to burst and the feeling of Tatsushi licking it at the same time looks like it must feel like heaven for Ryu! Wondering what happens next ??? Duh… 🙂

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