Hi and welcome to my review and blog site. This site is all about exotic boys of color, and where to find them. 

By making this site I help you folks find the perfect, safe and secure sites out there for you to enjoy.

Also please keep coming back , there will be frequent updates on the blog post with FREE samples and updates.

Here is also a list of some of the billing companies the sites use .  I have personally signed up to sites with all of these: 

  • CCBill – One of the most well known
  • Verotel – Based in Netherlands, been around for years
  • Epoch – More and more webmasters are using them
  • Lalib – Handling some live web-cam sites
  • Segpay – Trusted Payment Processor

– These companies don’t trick you and automatically sign you up for other sites and stuff you don’t want.

– If you sign up for a recurring option it is easy to cancel.

– Don’t worry, the name of the website don’t show up on you account statement 🙂

– Worried about legal issues? Age of models?  All sites are checked by a Risk Management for the payment processor.

There are also several other companies out there handling payments for adult sites.  Remember that they are handling payments with VISA , Mastercard etc.  If they don’t behave they won’t survive for long. 

Is it  a company you are not familiar with?  Then  always check if there are any pre checked boxes in the sign up  and cancel forms before submitting.


Happy wanking ! Wankers 😉

Yours truly , Kenn

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