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Brent Lockhart & Luda Wayne latest update from Videoboys



Check out this hot update from VideBoys this week. I love that little smooth ass, and I love seeing him being fucked hard!
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  “Luda Wayne was very clear with us from the start that he was str8. And his scene with his best friend Jonathan did nothing to convince us otherwise.But Luda is nothing if not open minded and so he agreed to trying to fuck a boy, just to see what it would feel like. We needed a particular bottom for this situation, one who would take whatever Luda chose to give out and not expect any reciprocal action. Brent Lockhart was exactly the boy for this. Having experience with several str8 fuck friends, Brent knows just when to put  it in his mouth and when to lie back and let the str8 boy use his hole for whatever he wants. And Brent certainly knows not to expect a kiss, but Luda just might have some surprises. Are we seeing Luda evolve before our eyes?”

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