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Jacob recently did a solo for StraightRentBoys and that went really well, but here it's time to get him comfortable with sucking dick so that when he is finishes his "schooling" here and goes on to other studios, he can earn top dollar in the gay for pay industry. I also brought in Vince to help me with Jacob. Vice has been here before and filmed some very hot scenes; he is also the one that made Santiago cum three times while fucking him. When Vince came in and stood next to Jacob I could see them working well together. As far as the sucking dick goes, Jacob was uneasy about doing it but agreed that he is "going to have to do it." Both Jacob and Vince sat on the couch and I asked Vince if he had any pointers for Jacob, "no teeth, you don't want to bite it" was the main concern of Vince. Then, Jacob took Vince in his mouth and began to suck. "It will grow in your mouth, but it won't bite you," was Vince's last tip before Jacob began. Jacob seemed to be okay with it, not thrilled, but putting up with it for the "work." Vince said Jacob was doing okay for a beginner; Jacob's dick became hard within a few minutes and that's when Jacob realized just how big Vince is. Continuing to suck, Jacob starts to get the hang of stroking while "choking." Vince reminded Jacob to "play with it too; windmill, helicopter." Download the full HD video at

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Meeting out in the street, looking to "start a little trouble," Van hooks up with a homie. Heading back to Van's, the chemistry and heat start from the moment they hit the couch. Van strips quickly then lip locks the guy's cock. The friend has about 50 pounds on Van and shows him some sizeable Latino meat. Down for some hot oral action, his buddy says, "you were looking for some dick out there, weren't you?" And the promise of more friends to come and service Van has both men hot. Going deep, Van shows his abilities; he undresses the Latino then is rewarded by being face fucked. They switch and Van becomes the "suckie." Working his nipples as his amigo swallows his cock, Van responds with moans of delight. Taking Van right to the edge, this guy knows how to get inside a head; "ah, fuck yeah," pants Van. "Let me suck you again, papi," says Van, as the top lays on his back and receives more mouth to cock. Van grabs the whole package of his "papi," and bobs up and down; his friend watches eagerly. "Let's go to the backdoor," suggests Van; his buddy responds, "come sit on it." Aggressively mounting the Latino, Van shouts, "fuck my hole." From this point on, there are lots of, "oh fucks" and "oh yeahs;" this pairing and sharing has Van grabbing the arm of the couch for any support he can get. Leaning toward his partner, Van is rewarded with a caress and kiss. Full HD Video at

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Niceย pictures with slim Latino barely legal teen boy Juaquine from BFH Productions. This 18 year old boy is so amazing cute, and his half long hair is just wonderful. My dear Joaquine your eyes are lovely, you cock and body has to be praised! Let me have you now dear ๐Ÿ™‚

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I want to be stranded on this island too, just follow the moaning and you will find these guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is great from SDBoy aka San Diego Boy. These three horny buddies are ready for action. Licking, kissing and rimming leads to a round robin of hardcore man sex bareback fucking. These guys have horse hung cocks that slide deep inside each other's thigh holes. After the cumfest, off to play in the ocean waves to wash off the creamy goo.

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Check out this cute shaved boy I got sendt over from BFH Productions. They sure know how to pick their models. This guy is named Janini or Matty... someone mixed up ๐Ÿ™‚

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Billy and Daddy are out in the pool gettin wet and foolin around. It's hella hot though, so they need to cool off with some air conditioning inside. Daddy wants to make some plans goin out, but Billy just wants to chill and get his dick sucked. Daddy is always down, a true freak ready for whatever. He been waiting to fuck Billy's ass for a minute so he isn't hesitating when it comes right down to it. He gets Billy's dick so hard just fuckin him he can't help but reverse the roles and fuck Daddy himself!

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Free mini gallery with Raunel from EnigmaticBoys. When I first did see Raunel's face shoot I was stunned... but to be honest when I got to see his body I got disappointed. Sorry, but I am not so much into chubby guys. Still he is very cute, and I guess many guys wild find this chubby Latino youngster verry attractive ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Check out this nice free gallery of Angel Kelly, from BoyCrush. Angel Kelly has been busy at college for the last couple years, but he's finally back in BoyCrush studio! He hasn't lost his touch, either, and he doesn't look a day older than when I saw him last at BoyCrush. Judging by how hard his uncut cock is, I say he's glad to be back. Angel moans loudly as he works his hole with a dildo as he jacks off. And his intense cumshot will not disappoint!

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