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Corbin Colby and Angel Rivera – The Traditional Way

Corbin Colby and Angel Rivera are boyfriends and they are fucking bareback. Having a Mexican boyfriend have it’s perks, always horny always ready! 5+ minute scene here:

Download:The Traditional Way – Corbin Colby and Angel Rivera

Corbin Colby is lucky to have a Mexican boyfriend like Angel Rivera. He want to take him out for a bit of celebrating, but Angel would rather spend his time riding Carbin’s big cock!
The boys suck each other cocks hard and soon enough Angel getting his ass licked, he loves THAT. He twitches and bends forward, no need to ask twice while Corbin buries his tongue deep into that dark Mexican hole.
Next up, Angel slides down on Corbin in the sofa, riding his boyfriend big cock. These guys just love to show them self for the camera while having sex.  Even better when Angel bends over and let Corbin fuck his ass from behind, It’s just beautiful to see that big White cock slide in and out of that smooth shaved Mexican hole of Angel. 

Who do you think will swallow the load ?

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