Gay Asian Boys Nae & Seth from GayAsianTwinkz

Asian Skater Twinks from GayAsianTwinkz.

“My name is Nae and I’ve been skating with the gang since the beginning. Seth and I have been hitting it for a long time. He’s a lousy skater but a great fuck so we keep him around for “fun”. I usually nail him after practice in the back of my Dad’s shop. He loves to suck my cock and jack me off. So I let him! I love how he puts his mouth around my head and alternates between sucking and pulling my foreskin up and down my shaft. I usually just sit in my chair, watch and let him suck me off until I cum all over his face. But today was different; I let him sit in the chair and jack himself off while I stood over him squirting my load. I still had a load in the tank so I decided I was going give him a good fuck so I could drain my balls completely…. .”

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