Asian PeterFever

Gay Asian massage goes full fuck with Jessie Lee and Ken Ott

Gay Asian massage goes full package with Jessie Lee as “The Coach” and Ken Ott as “The Sore Player”.  Let’s say something hard got softer, and everybody is happy with the ending at PeterFever.



Ken Ott muscles is sore and tight after a hard workout. He get a drink to see if that will loosen him up, but no. Ken calls Coach Lee for a rub down, he’s a bit pissed but agrees to help him out.
On the massage bench,  coach hands work most of the kinks out; his mouth does the rest. Sucking Ken fully, Coach looks on while he blow and then he cleans him up, with his mouth!

The Jessie Lee rims Ken Ott, making him aroused again. Coach takes his turn, fucking deep and hard, he goes until he blows. Ken’s softened back is coated. He then leans in and says, “that was a pleasure;” it sure was.

Ken Ott is looking great as he continues to improve his muscle tone. With such determination, he definitely deserves a reward on


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