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Gay Roommates Trevor Harris and Bryce Foster goes Raunchy

Gay Roommates at 8TeenBoy Trevor Harris and Bryce Foster are on their own for the first time after moving out from their parents. They are taking FULL advantage of every orgasmic opportunity!

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The gorgeous guys have their own rooms AND own tricks, but when one wakes up with morning wood and there’s a super hottie down the hall the boy’s both make use of the cock convenience! This morning Trevor’s member is MASSIVE and it’d be a sin not to share the wealth with the wide eyed young blond boy down the hall. He sneaks inside Bryce’s bed and cuddles up behind the kid with that colossal cock of his. He’s welcomed warmly with wet kisses before heading down south to wake up Foster’s fat phallus. Bryce knows the beast lurking inside Trevor’s briefs but being new roomies, he asks politely if he can suck roomie’s rod. He peels off Harris’ red hot undies and immediately starts pleasing pony boy.
Feeling more confident, Bryce orders his roommate onto his knees. Trevor turns his tush towards the towheaded twink who spreads the smooth surface to lap at the lad’s lust filled fuck hole which eventually gets Harris asking for an ass banging! Foster couldn’t be happier (or HARDER) and forces his big bareback boner inside the boy’s hungry butt using his own slick saliva as lube. As the pretty blond twink tears into Trevor’s tunnel, our tight teen bottom’s man sized meat sways with hypnotizing hotness from every thrust. As he grabs his gorgeous goliath, he orders Bryce onto his back and bulldozes his way deep inside the boy’s smooth, cozy crevice. 

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Getting the hang of ordering his roomie around, Harris lets his wants be known and a righteously raw cock ride ensues. Trevor cups the kid’s bubble butt which makes a better view for us and comfortable cock bouncing for Bryce. This ride brings Bryce’s bone to it’s delicious destination and it’s creamy contents cum careening out, squirting past Trevor’s nipples and nearly to his neck. Harris looks at the glorious site with animalistic delight, lets Foster know it’s about to go down and blasts pretty boy right in the face.
Foster’s mug is glazed good and just when you think it can’t possibly get any better, Harris hits him with one more big ball buster! Like a kid in a candy cum store, Bryce goes down on the dick once more, making sure he’s sucked his naughty new roomie bone dry.

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