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Fucking Straight Asian Twink – Jame and Lo

Fucking Straight Asian Twink at Jame get off with his 18 year old straight friend, getting fucked for the first time. Just to mention it: That shy Asian boy manages quite well for a first timer.

Download Full Scene : Jame and Lo – Fucking Straight Asian Twink 

Jame has this straight 18 year old straight Asian friend named Lo who joined him for a drink. After a while Jame managed to convince him to try out as his little sex “slave”. So Lo went in the shower to prepare and when he came back Jame was all hard.
Lo sucked his hard cock and licked his ass good, and he got in return from Jame.  Then after several tries and some deep fingering, Lo finally loosened up enough so Jame could pound his ass as much and hard as he wanted. 

For the final secene Jame shoot his load all overs Lo’s pulsating hole and then Lo jerked off over Jame. This made Jame so horny that he even had to cum a second time, and this time Lo got to taste it too.

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