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Joel Tamir make David Mannix’s anal hole gape wide

Joel Tamir is a skinny teen boy with a big fat cock. He use his powertool to make David’s tigh hole gape wide open. Letting us look deep inside him. Do we care about the story ? Here it is: 

Is there anything more adorable than a puppy? Joel Tamir doesn’t seem to think so during the somewhat unusual opening of this terrific vignette; but it quickly becomes clear that his fondness for cuteness isn’t just limited to young canines. In fact, he’s rather partial to doe-eyed teenagers as well.

So when his furry pal magically morphs into a pretty young beauty by the name of David Mannix, his excitement reaches a brand new crescendo; and needless to say it’s but a few moments before both buddies are out of their pants and are taking it in turns to devour the aching flesh that’s nestling inside.

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New boy, Mannix, in particular, is clearly bowled over by the thick, shaved shaft on offer to him; as the pairing line up to slurp 69-style for our glorious entertainment. What most of us want to see most of all, however, is Mannix’s tight little virgin pucker getting a fabulous pounding from Tamir’s monstrous ramrod – and believe us, this scene doesn’t leave us disappointed.

In fact, there’s a distinctly thin line between pleasure and pain as the youngster gets hammered in a series of positions; culminating in the sight of his gaping slit, before both buddies dump heavy, richly-deserved loads!

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