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Joel Tamir and Vitali Kutcher – Joel bottoms

Vitali Kutcher get the honor to fuck horse-hung skinny teen-boy Joel Tamir. This boy love to expand other gay guys hole, but this time he’s getting his own hole stretched.

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Is there anything more exciting that being able to sneak a few hours away from the world with the person you love? Well, that’s the scenario that Joel Tamir and Vitali Kutcher are presented with when Tamir’s parents text him to say they’ve got to visit his grandmother, leaving him an empty house – and, more to the point, an empty bed!

Needless to say, these two horny fuckers soon make sure that that bed doesn’t stay empty for long; as they promptly make a beeline for the contents of each other’s jeans and start enjoying some very badly-needed fellatio. The glorious sight of these two handsome bastards 69-ing for all they’re worth is nigh on climactic in itself; as is seeing the two lads rubbing their cocks together frottage-style.

But it pretty much goes without saying that it’s the raw fuck-fest that ensues that is the highlight of this encounter; as the fabulously hung Tamir takes every inch that the not-so-underdeveloped Kutcher thrusts in his direction.

All nicely interluded by some tasty ass-to-mouth action! Given the intensity of the encounter, it’s no surprise that Kutcher is soon whitewashing his buddy’s rear; before Tamir yanks another fine wad from his horse-sized shaft!

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