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Kanata and Fuji are two horny Asian Japanese guys fooling around in their sexy underwear.  On thing leads to another , all at JapanBoyz.

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Kanata’s horny story:
Fuji is so beautiful; when I was told that he and I would be paired at JapanBoyz, I got so excited. As we kiss, I lean into his cute twink body and feel his already hard cock. Once on the bed, he begins to suck on me while my body yearns for his cock. Blowing Fuji is a true pleasure; his thick erection will soon be in my bum. Knowing just how large he is, Fuji starts me off with some toys and stretches me. Aroused fully, I spread my legs, open my hole, and Fuji makes his way in. Every inch of his cock sends me into ecstasy; my ass is his. No matter which position, I eagerly comply and await each thrust. Wanting Fuji to enjoy my oral skills as well, I have him sit as I work on his cock orally; he is close. Throbbing, a couple of streams come shooting out of him and land on my chest. Helping to clean me off, Fuji then lies down so I may straddle him; this won’t take long. Looking at his gorgeous eyes, I stroke a few times and then pool atop his perfect twink chest. Kanata truly had a smile on his face the entire time he and Fuji were in the room. This film shows real sensuality and cock worship.

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