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Karoru and Manabu having great sex at  JapanBoyz!,  and it is definitive WELL-CUM BACK! to sexy Karoru!

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Karou’s story:
I am glad to return; has such hot models like Manabu. After seeing his great smile and ripped abs, I’m very happy to be filming with him. We instantly connect; our bodies intertwine as I lick his nipples and feel his bulge. Kissing softly, I then work my way down to his cock and taste; what a big head. I know Manabu usually bottoms so I use some lube to play. Working his tight hole, it takes me a bit. Manabu whimpers as I finger fuck him. Sucking my dick, the boy really knows how to enjoy a man. Going back and forth orally, we then help one another blow some nice thick loads, especially Manabu. Thank you guys for having me back, it felt great. Kaoru is a sexy model and I know we’ll keep in touch.

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