Ken Ott and Alex Chu in a New PeterFever Hardball Episode

Ken Ott getting his ass full when Alex Chu goes balls deep, in this fresh PeterFever Hardball series:


Ken Ott’s story:
While I’m stretched out and relaxing, Alex Chu wakes me; I show him what a real “team player” does. Hard and horny, he sits on me, and then licks me down. Sucking his “bat,” After, I turn and blow while he has a go at my hole and dick. Happily, I lie down and change positions; I’ll be catching for Alex today.

Pounding as I “cheer,” Alex thrusts in deep; this top is “grounding” with a lot of ball. Taking to riding atop, I bounce and jerk, then turn to get a hole full of Alex; I also pay “lip service” to him. In the home stretch, I go on my back and look on as the “bat boy” finishes. Close, Alex pulls out and blows on my chest; I follow with a creamy homerun that is soon “scooped up.” Ken Ott ends this game with a bang!

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