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Kentrell Kash and Hoody LaVaye having a Kitchen Breeding

Kentrell Kash and Hoody LaVaye having a Kitchen Breeding, and we are still wondering about the title of this session from RawRods . Because they fuck on a sofa in the living-room. I don’t see no kitchen…  but BIG black cocks!

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Hoody is giving his boy Kentrell a hard time for bailing on the gym today. They were supposed to go together but Kentrell wasn’t in the mood. One thing he is in the mood for is some dick and ass. He knows Hoody has been wanting to fuck around for a while now, so he says he’ll put out to make things up to Hoody.

Hoody gets Kentrell’s big dick between his juicy lips and gets it rock hard. Kentrell opens up hoody’s tight hole and after a little work, buries it balls deep. Hoody like some ass too, so he bends Kentrell over to enjoy his hole. These two definitely find a way to get their workout in for the day.
You won’t believe the amount of cum Hoody has stored up. He unloads it all over Kentrell’s stomach and Kentrell comes soon after.

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