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Naughty or nice ? At least here at ExoticboyReviews I am late for Christmas, too much porn to watch.  Now lets get bakc to the Christmas spirit and naughty with Fuji and Ayumu from JapanBoyz

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Their Christmas story:
This the season to call Ayumu up and fuck him; I don’t know if he’s been naughty, but he’s going to get it good. With his sexy tan line, I stay hard while I suck and play. Spreading his cheeks, I push my lubed finger in; Ayumu says, I like it. Pressing Ayumu up against the wall, I work my way in; I tell him, I like it too. Needing to change, the boy then sits and rides on my cock; he bounces until he busts. Unloading on my stomach, Ayumu then licks my nipple while he tugs me; I blow a big load all over his hand. After all, it is the season of sharing at!

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