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Pablo Bravo do not speak too much of his usual personal life, but now madee a video that made changes in his family, glad they are super-open!
One of his brothers, little Edinho is gay too. He’s passive, he’s a good boy. But he is shy. He has been watching Pablo’s videos fantasizing, so something needed to be done. Edinho came to his house and got introduced to Koldo Goran, a tattooed bearded guy with a Spanish monstercock. Koldo is cool and dominant, and very willing to fuck the youngest brother.

Little Edinho seems exited and does not take long before he warms up, gorging himself with Koldo’s hard cock with his mouth. Then after Koldo’s tongue deep inside his smooth Peruvian hole he can not say no to that big dick in his ass! The brave boy let himself get fucked in doggy-style first, then riding Koldo. It’s not before Koldo speed up and push him hard against the mirror, the poor boy need a break… That cock simply got to far up his guts!

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However that’s not the end of it. They get at it again in more revealing position, hard and fast and we can see how that young hole really stretches around that big cock.  Finally when Koldo is satisfied, he blow a big load of man-cum in Edinho’s face, who also get to taste it.

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