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Are you READY FOR TOMOHISA’S HOLE ? At least Hideaki is and he is eager to get his Fat Japanese cock inside that smooth little Asian twink ass, see it here:

Download READY FOR TOMOHISA’S HOLE with Tomohisa and Hideaki

Their story: Apparently Hideaki usually bottoms with his buddy. Today for Tomohisa, he will top; as he says, it’s always good to know how to do both. As they kiss and disrobe, Tomohisa is liking the feel of his partner’s already hard dick; the two then share a nice trade-off of blow jobs. Presenting his ass to Hideaki, the bottom readies for some fingering. Getting two digits in, the top then changes to a big dildo to gauge.

Putting his dick where his fingers were, Hideaki goes after it hard; Tomohisa moans that he is liking the sensation; the bottom then crawls atop to go balls deep. Catching the top off-guard, the bottom is more skilled and eager than first thought. Retaking control, Hideaki mounts Tomohisa until he has to pull out to blow; the spray is high and copious. The bottom follows with a thick glob landing onto Hideaki’s groin.

These two hit it off right from the start; filming for, we always enjoy a hot hook-up.

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