Ryo Yamashta Solo Scene

Ryo is here to show us a good by courtesy of Japanboyz.  His friend said doing porn there was fun so, here he cums. Being 22 years old, he likes to play video games and is very good looking; I think Ryo has a lot of “friends.”. He gets comfortable on the couch and removes his shirt to show us a nice, lean body with nice thick underarm hair. Ryo strips to his underwear, stands and spins around to present all that he has; very nice tight butt. Sitting back down, he is hard within a few minutes; he has a very sweet cut cock and trimmed pubic hair, rather different for an Asian boy. As he jerks his dick, he continues to rub his nipple, causing him to pant. The camera catches his large ball sack, shining between his legs. Lying down, Ryo continues to stroke, pinch and pant; he watches the camera man. Tsuyoshi, who also films for  JapanBoyz  dropp inn for a helping hand and mouth ;).

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