SexToy Fun Starring Ryu and Tatsushi

The latest update at JapanBoyz.comrocks hard! This one is all about the sextoys. Tatsushi, one of the most popular models at JapanBoyz, sees Ryudoing some cleaning. His hot ass bent over, Tatsushi takes a massager and massages Ryu’s hot little willing ass. The lovely couple tounge kisses, as Tatsushi starts licking Ryu’s itchy nipples, then sucks his hard cock.

Ryu wants some of Tatsushi’s hot sexy body too. He licks Tatsushi’s body all over and then massages his cock through his underwear.

Tatsushi takes the toy and sticks Ryu’s dick through the slot and vibrates it, while at the same time licking his dick head. The head is all red and looks ready to burst and the feeling of Tatsushi licking it at the same time looks like it must feel like heaven for Ryu! Wondering what happens next ??? Duh… 🙂

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