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Patrick is waiting for his friend to come over to his house for some tribal bonding, he can't wait for him to arrive, as he is feeling very horny. The bell rings, and Patrick lets his black twink pal into the garden. The African lads french kiss, and the front of their trousers expands. Patrick rubs his friend's huge cock through his shorts. He wants to taste the huge piece of black meat, and sucks hard on it. Collin holds his head tight, and pushes his big cock into Patrick's mouth. Collin starts to wank his bottom boy's black cock. Will Patrick's ass stretch to take that massive black dick?

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Deep inside the darkest Africa we find a bright oasis where Black Gay African Twinks have wild and condom free sex all day long. This time we meet Paul and Peter , the whole session gets recorded by the 80Gays Team for us to enjoy. This is hot, real Africa HOT! Paul and Peter are good friends and on a sunny Sunday they find themselves kissing in an alleyway next to their house. Soon the hormones take over and the boys throw off their clothes, eager to suck each other's cocks and caress each others hot black bodies. But just a kiss is not enough. Peter is so horny he wants to pump out all his twink juice. So he cums much too soon. But luckily Peter wants another round. His body is wet with sweat while he tries to shoot a second time. Bottom boy Paul dumps his own load and then Peter is finally able to give another load of fresh cream to his friend.

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Collin calls his black African friend Steven for a relaxing sensual massage over at 80Gays headquarters. With Steven's skilled hands, Collin has a solid erection in no time at all. That is the signal for Steven to take the massage to the next level, starting with a wet piss session. Still wet, Steven wants to fuck Collin. But the twink has never been fucked before and Steven's cock is huge. Yet he enjoys it with minor pain and cums with Steven's cock deep inside him.

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When African twink Patrick from 80Gays comes to town on a visit, he meets up with his old friend Alex. Alex is a horny boy and Patrick fondly remembers their wild fuck sessions. Today they relive the old days and start with a little party in the garden, where the boys rim, kiss and fuck each other. They switch roles several times. Then the couple moves inside. Soon their hot black bodies glisten with massage oil and sweat as they bareback each other on the couch. Alex fucks his countryboy friend really hard and shoots a huge wad of cum like only African boys can. Can Patrick beat his friend with an even bigger load?

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This is high quality authentic African black bareback fetish sex with two really cute twinks from 80Gays, fantastic! When African twinks Patrick and Steven return from a tribal circumcision ceremony on a steamy afternoon, they want a drink to cool off. Still in their splendid robes, they feel they are lucky their own cocks are still uncut. In fact, Patrick wants to check his black friend's cock and foreskin. The boys pull up their robes and Patrick sucks and licks his friend's tool. With some massage oil both boys show of their glistening ebony bodies. Then Steven has to piss and Patrick drinks the golden nectar.

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These two black African Twinks are really hot and horny. Meet Mark and Steven who start out their session with a golden shower. Unique and autenthic African bareback gay porn from 80Gays, fantastic!Mark wakes up one day and feels really horny. So he calls up his friend Steven to see if he wants to have some fun. Steven arrives a few minutes later and the two twinks have a hot, wet and kinky bareback session.

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Two new beautiful black twinks at , Enzi and Jahi get frisky when they take a shower together. There is no hot water in their house, but even so they start to make out in the cold. A little while later the boys move to the living room to start a horny afternoon break full of big black cock bareback black ass fucking, hungry mouths and wet kisses.

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African Twinks KissingBlack Boys PissingAfrican Twinks Piss in Face African Twinks Fuck BarebackAfrican Twink Eat CumAfrican Twinks Cum Kiss The African models this week at are Afpha and Saka in a kinky watersports party. Afpha uses his big cock to hose Saka with piss, and they mix that with a hot bareback session. Needless to say this is rare and authentic African bareback porn, it is freaking sexy!

Afpha at teams up with Saka for a hot watersports session, and a lot of wild bareback action. A combination you rarely see in gay black porn. The boys start with a lot of kissing and petting. Then Afpha wants to piss and Saka is eager to please. Saka drinks all the juice and then wants more. But Afpha wants a bareback fuck first and Saka's tight little ass is just the right size.

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New amazing update from here with real African Twinks. I am pretty sure it is no only a myth that black guys have bigger cock then Caucasians. I am sure it is true after all the Black boys I have met for sex and all the boys I have seen in porn. Black guys have the BIGGEST cocks! ( I am white and medium sized by the way ). So I wonder, is their holes bigger too ? More elastic sphincter muscle ? 🙂 But seriously these African twinks have allot more they need to be able to take up that hole, and doesn't look too easy. But I fucking love seeing that big black cock pushing deep inside and you can see the boy gasping for air and tries to relax, FUCKING amazing BURNING HOT!


In this update from Kevin teaches innocent first timer Afpha how to bareback. But the black twink is so horny he cannot quite control himself. He shoots a huge load in the first few minutes but the bareback party needs to continue. Kevin is left to wonder if Afpha can get hard again and shoot a second time?

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Yeah this is so fucking hot from! Real African Bareback action and 19 years old Chui here that are taking that big thing is quite sweet.

  Delicious Black African guy sucking cock and Eric is quite eger to get deep into that black teenage boy butt! That is not to easy, because Eric is really big and Chui is quite thight. But the boys don't give up easy and soon Chui takes that big thing bareback while it looks like he is going out to scream out in pain. He get fucked in several position and we can see this poor black bitch having a really rough time. But he has to please and he more then willinly takes all the fresh cum from Eric's cock in his gasping mouth.

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This time it is Albert’s turn to taste the pleasures of Eric’s XXL mantool. The cute but slutty twink has heard a lot about Eric’s African schwanz and is dying to get a better feel for it. Eric preps the lads ass with a good rim session. It makes Albert’s dick throbbing hard, and he is eager to feel the black meat in his ass. Eric does not disappoint, his big fat cock slides right in to Albert’s ass. See it all, click here to enter