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Poor Chad Chambers hasn't got a hope in hell of escaping the merciless Ashton Bradley in this video at BoyNapped. Watch him get his ass stuffed by all manor of implement while he remains tied down on all fours. He won't be able to walk for weeks. Pauvre Tchad Chambers n'a pas eu un espoir dans l'enfer d'échapper à l'impitoyable Ashton Bradley dans cette vidéo à BoyNapped. Regarder le faire son âne en peluche par tous les manoir de mettre en œuvre, alors qu'il reste lié à quatre pattes. Il ne sera pas capable de marcher pendant des semaines.

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Real fisting with real young twinks, that is very hot and great scene from BoyNapped. Heres young Calvin, back once more to see how far Ashton can push him. Bent over and tied down Calvin is unable to do anything but take what's coming to him as Ashton fucks the twink's tight hole. Ashton fucks him harder and harder until shooting his load all over his back. Once emptied, Ashton returns to work on Calvin's ass until he can get a fist all the way into his hungry hole.

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Wrapped in cling film and secured tightly to the bed by handsome captor Luke Desmond, Ashton Bradley is made to endure a handjob and blowjob without being able to move any part of his body. In a huge finish, Luke takes Ashton's load in his mouth and feeds it back to the boy.

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Hung from the ceiling of The Mill at BoyNapped, Jonny Parker is at the mercy of his captor Ashton Bradley. Ashton teases Jonny's large piece of meat, bringing it to its maximum capacity before slowly bringing him to climax by methodically rubbing the head of Jonny's dick. In this hot position, Jonny's load spills all over the floor before being followed by a flow of golden piss.

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When Ashton Bradley at BoyNapped heard Aiden Jason was back in the mill he couldn't resist the chance to use the twink's tight little ass once again. After tying Aiden down he starts to work on his boy, teasing his uncut cock but never letting thehim cum. Ashton soon gives into his urges and rams his hard cock into his captive. He fucks him hard and fast before cuming all over Aiden's little baby face.

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Metal DildoBig Dildofisting Hand inside ass gasping anal holepiss on hole Young twink Calvin Croft get fisted by his buddy Ashton Bradley at BoyNapped dungeon. This is so fucking extreme and hot, be warned! Poor Calvin Croft is once more subjected to Ashton Bradley's brutality. With Calvin incapable of moving and his smooth twink ass exposed, Ashton sets to work on widening Calvin's hole. Fingers and toys loosen this capable bottom for something more: Ashton's fist! With Calvin's screams only pushing Ashton to go further, he forces his fist deep into the boy. Once finished, Ashton utilises the gaping hole left where his hand once was as his very own personal urinal.

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BonappedBonappedBonapped And they called it puppy love... You've seen dominatrix, you've seen pup and his master, but oh boy, we can safely say your gonna love these three hot boys; Ashton Bradley, Mark Henley and new boy Brad Holt join up for feeding time at the BoyNapped Mill as we get down and dirty with porridge that's never tasted so good. Poor Brad is subjected to the menacing antics of sick and twisted Ashton and shy but fierce Mark Henley. We guarantee you'll be at the edge with this performance in humiliation.

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This is a very nice hardcore threesome from BoyNapped. The guys are really cute and likes wild taboo sex!

  Luckas Layton is back and hotter then ever. He's been brought to the mill for the first time, a whole new experience for the hung young twink. Tied down and at the mercy of both Ashton Bradley and Kenzie Madison, Luckas was given more than he bargained for. Face fucked by Ashton and flogged by Kenzie, this video can only end in one way, a sticky mess of hot salty twink cum!

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I find this interview in the start of this video from BoyNapped amusing!

  With Jack Blaze from BoyNapped tied to the floor, Sebastian Kane can once again have his wicked way with this blonde haired, blue eyed boy. Seb begins by flogging poor Jack until he is red all over.He then invites Ashton Bradley to join him in the humiliation. Ashton and Seb Kane then proceed to piss all over Jack before wanking and sucking him. Ashton then bites down Jack's piss soaked body while Seb gives him a cum facial. Ashton finishes off Jack by jerking him off until climax.

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This is hot and cool, or should I say ICE COLD from BoyNapped. Damn that does not look pleasant! Wonder how small his balls will get by this coldness torture...

  Baby-faced Scott Williams at BoyNapped is in for some real pain in this video with the sadistic twink Ashton Bradley. Tied to a sling, Scott can only twist and turn in agony as he is covered in ice, wax, and deep heat, before Ashton Forces him to cum. Ashton continues his painfull abuse on Scott's not ultra-sensitive dick before leaving him hanging.

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This is hot from BoyNapped from their latest new update! Wouldn't you like to join them ?

Toned and tanned cutie Jacub Hartley is found ready and waiting in Ashton Bradley's home-made sling in the perfect position for some serious ass play. The mouthy little twink gives as good as he gets as Ashton pounds his hole with a variety of toys before giving him a good hard fucking. With verbal abuse, hard fucking, foot play, and toys, this is a video not to be missed.

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