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Check out this new feature from Boynapped with Benji Looms & Sebastian Kane. “Twink boy Benji Looms sucks

Poor British boy Benji Looms is turned into a real cock sucking cum addict in this video from BoyNapped. We start out with the boy tied and with his tight little fuckhole up in the air. Sebastian uses and plays with his pucker, fucking him and sliding in a toy before wanking and sucking the twinks uncut cock. But Benji is hungry for some cock himself and is soon sucking the shafts of Sebastian and a mystery partner before sucking a load out to drink! 

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Check out this ass wrecking feature from Boynapped with Kieron Knight & Lucas Davidson. “Lucas Davidson gets anally abused and pissed in!”

Kieron Knight loves to abuse a tight and tender fuckhole over at Boynapped, and the hot little ass of Lucas Davidson is a special treat for this anal addict and piss play dom! The boy is ass-up, having his tight little hole stretched out and filled up with the kinky toys Kieron has. But Kieron’s hard cock is leaking precum and he needs to shoot some cum, as well as unload some piss!

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Here is new cute twink Justin Hawk at at, that is also a part of ClubAmateurUSA Studio . Damn he is cute, and look at that perfect little smooth butt! Someone is gona get their fingers stuck in there .

Cute 20 year old twink Justin Hawk flew in from N. Carolina for an Erotic massage from in-house masseuse Chad Brock at ClubAmateurUSA Studio . He’s been wanting to do this for some time and finally was able to make it down. After the interview, Justin lays on his stomach on the massage table. Chad begins rubbing Justin from the tip of his shoulders, down to his ankles. He rubs between his butt cheeks and begins Justin’s prostate massage. Chad has Justin get on his knee’s and bend over, while he does a little rubbing and tugging on his cock, while massaging his balls. Chad has Justin sit up and lean back against him, while he massages his chest, stomach, arms and his cock. A relaxed Justin now moves to his back, where Chad begins a frontal rub, while kissing Justin gently. Chad adds more massage oil and begins the final part of the session. With a few minutes of firm stroking of Justin’s hard cock, he warns Chad that he’s about to cum and cum he did, in multiple spurts, across his smooth stomach. Chad cleans away the cum and when asked, Justin said he’d for sure be back for more, finishing with a kiss!

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This is hot and cool, or should I say ICE COLD from BoyNapped. Damn that does not look pleasant! Wonder how small his balls will get by this coldness torture…


Baby-faced Scott Williams at BoyNapped is in for some real pain in this video with the sadistic twink Ashton Bradley.

Tied to a sling, Scott can only twist and turn in agony as he is covered in ice, wax, and deep heat, before Ashton Forces him to cum.

Ashton continues his painfull abuse on Scott’s not ultra-sensitive dick before leaving him hanging.

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Oh my good this is a sweet Twink, Matthew Keading and he got some big balls! Here he get a good erotic massage by hot sugar Daddy at, that is also a part of ClubAmateurUSA Studio .

Matthew Keading is a straight, curious 18 y/o twink from N. California, who loves video games. He’s on vacation in Florida, where he’s come by the ClubAmateurUSA Studio to experience his first erotic massage and it just happens to be with a older man. In-house Masseuse Chad Brock cannot wait to get his hands on Matthew!

He begins with a light body rub and a massage of Matthew’s boy hole. Since he’s so relaxed, Chad begins some easy fingering, followed by a nice rim job. Now with him up on all 4’s, Chad has his balls and cock in hand, rubbing and pulling down, while fingering Matthew with his other hand. Chad asks him to turn on his back. Matthew is without a doubt liking this new SeXperience.

Chad takes his cock in his mouth, giving him some oral and an abundance of firm ball grabbing, stroking action. Matthew begins to quiver and tremble as he delivers a splattering cum shot from his stomach to his neck! When asked how it was for him, he simply said It was amazing and he’d be back!

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This is hot from BoyNapped from their latest new update! How wide will this boy hole become?


As if Calvin Croft’s hole wasn’t stretched enough from his various encounters with the BoyNapped team over the last few months,
he is back for some extreme toy play that’s really going to open him up wide.

This is followed up with a hard spanking for being such a dirty boy slut.


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This is hot from BoyNapped from their latest new update! Wouldn’t you like to join them ?

Toned and tanned cutie Jacub Hartley is found ready and waiting in Ashton Bradley’s home-made sling in the perfect position for some serious ass play.

The mouthy little twink gives as good as he gets as Ashton pounds his hole with a variety of toys before giving him a good hard fucking.

With verbal abuse, hard fucking, foot play, and toys, this is a video not to be missed.

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