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Ricky and Daddy Mike  at spent two nights in Lake Tahoe on Memorial Weekend and they just had to do some tickling while we were there. They included some short clips of our sightseeing amongst the best hotel room tickling ever. This video is all the footage of Ricky tickling the hell out of Mike while tied spreadeagled on the bed. There's plenty of foot tickling and body tickling to quench the thirst of all your favorite tickle spots. Mike is tied face up, and face down throughout this video. This is some HOT tickling action if I do say so myself. And all in a brand new location and atmosphere. The beginning gives you a breathtaking view high atop a mountain overlooking Lake Tahoe, then let the tickling begin!

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Cute smile, slighly chubby and hairy. AND very very horny! Meet Bass Aphiradech from GayAsianAmateurs. This is their story : Welcome the newest amateur I got over to my place for an initiation into gay Asian porn. This handsome man has a nice sized cock and is a great cock sucker. That's why I enjoyed it as he gave me a blowjob and I video taped him shooting his load at the same time. I am a good multi-tasker!

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Free mini gallery with Raunel from EnigmaticBoys. When I first did see Raunel's face shoot I was stunned... but to be honest when I got to see his body I got disappointed. Sorry, but I am not so much into chubby guys. Still he is very cute, and I guess many guys wild find this chubby Latino youngster verry attractive 😉

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Micha here is a cute boy from Warshava in Poland. Here is featured over at BoyStorm, and he got a great big cock. Still he is a little "chubby" for my taste. Anyway, see below if he can catch the pillow 😉

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Japanese BoysJapanese Boys FlirtingJapanese hard Boys Japanese Boys nudeJapanese Boys lick assJapanese Boys fuck Art student Kosuke and Kenta from hooks up in the park. Art can be so much , it is sometimes hard to define what is good and what is bad art. I will consider these two guys from "Art". So now it is up to you and decide if you like it or not 😉

University is just starting up in Tokyo, and Kosuke is in the park sketching for his Drawing class. That's when Kenta parks his bicycle and sits beside him on the bench. The two talk about Art studies, but it is obvious something more is on their minds. They go back to the Kosuke's apartment for a drink. Kosuke tells Kenta he has some great sculptures upstairs, and invites him to come up. Before they even make it into the room to look at the sculptures though, Kosuke kisses Kenta and things start to get hot and horny. Soon Kosuke is on his knees slurping on Kenta's juicy dick. Kenta responds by fucking his mouth, but is really ready to fuck some of Kosuke's hot and hairless asshole. He thrusts his raging supercharged hard-on into Kosuke's super tight hole. You can probably guess what happens next...

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Kanta JapanboyzKanta JapanboyzKanta Japanboyz This is new model Kanta from boys from up today. Honestly this guy is very faar away from my liking, but I bet there is someone out there that finds him very interesting 🙂 Most models are younger and slimmer. But I can't expect to get satisfied every time...but maybe you will 😉

Here is description of Kenta: The muscle boys keep coming at Japanboyz and Kanta is no exception. At 29 years old, muscular Kenta is older and more 'experienced' than many of the models on Japanboyz. Kenta is a Designer living in Tokyo, but speaks great English as well, having lived a few years in the US. That's why for a change, they conducted his interview in English. Kenta works out three times a week, and it shows since he's got a great body. He's into other muscular guys, and also really likes bears. He's also a versatile top and bottom that loves kinky sex, especially eating a guy's saliva!

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Cute Asian TwinkCute Asian Twink NudeAsian Armpit Bush Hairy Asian CockHairy Asian Twink cumStraight Asian Boy Cum Niko from AsianGayTeens has quite a Gorilla Salad on his belly, around his cock and armpits. Asian seems to be very proud when they get some hair here and there. You might already know that most Asians are very smooth, but not Niko. Honestly Niko is too chubby for my taste , but some guys really like it. Even so I must say I think Niko's sharp chin is cute.

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Nanie kind of reminds me of Harry Potter with those glasses. Still there aren't really much likeness, or is there ? I have not seen Harry's cock or ass, but here we sure get to Nanie cock and ass from several points of views. This guy is from the Philippine's, many sweet willing boys there!

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Here is Kenneth from Cebu in the Phillipines. Kenneth here is straight, but will happely fuck a gay queen for some cash. Still his cock is not so big, I have heard rumours that he sure know hot to hit a gay mans g-spot!

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012013016 Here a brand new and slightly chubby model to the JapanBoyz.comstudio, Takuro.


  Takuro is straight and slightly chubby and slightly hairy. Actually his legs are very bushy.  Since he was straight and was not aware of that he had contacted a gay porn studio, so they let him do a solo with some vibrating toys.

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This one is for those who like thier Asians a little more chubby and hairy 😉 See him suck cock at Boygloryhole. And he really gapes over it and take it up his ass too!

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