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Ricky and Daddy Mike  at spent two nights in Lake Tahoe on Memorial Weekend and they just had to do some tickling while we were there. They included some short clips of our sightseeing amongst the best hotel room tickling ever. This video is all the footage of Ricky tickling the hell out of Mike while tied spreadeagled on the bed. There's plenty of foot tickling and body tickling to quench the thirst of all your favorite tickle spots. Mike is tied face up, and face down throughout this video. This is some HOT tickling action if I do say so myself. And all in a brand new location and atmosphere. The beginning gives you a breathtaking view high atop a mountain overlooking Lake Tahoe, then let the tickling begin!

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This is a very cute guy from a brand new site called Czech Hunter. Amazing what these guys are letting them do to them. Love this! Here is the story : Sometimes it`s just all about luck. I just started my hunt today when I saw a young boy watching a showcase in a small mall. He was alone so I immediately approached him. I noticed that my cam sometimes makes the boys nervous. So this time I used a hidden cam. Please forgive me the rather bad quality in the beginning.I must admit that it was not a big fight this time. He agreed to show me his undies in a nearby public toilet for as little as 500 crowns. He even sold them for 1.000 more.It was even easy to persuade him to take my dick into his hands. But the real fun started when he agreed to continue in my apartment. He jerked me with his feet and I made him cum as well.

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Hands, feet and head fixed to a wooden throne. Gagged and slowly stripped. Paul at gets molested and his nipples and testicles whip-tortured. Finally he gets degraded by the soldier jerking him with his bare feet.

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Sweet Kyler Moss is back for more awesome action over at BoyCrush with handsome teenage boy Ryan Sharp. Kyler's big cum shoot here is something you wont forget at first! We love it 😉Kyler Moss and Ryan Sharp are two of the hottest new twinks on the scene and we're proud to call them exclusives! Ryan gives Kyler a foot massage to set the mood before these two fuck like bunnies. After some oral play, Kyler jackhammers Ryan into the bed before getting his own ass slammed. They end the scene with more hot oral a seriously big load of cum!

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Iesan and daddy Mike were the tickle team on cute gay asian tickle boy Lex at I love Lex's wide, cute, perfectly shaped feet and toes and the silky smooth soft soles which when tickled, make Lex giggle, jerk, and wiggle like crazy. I held his leg immobile in an arm lock and let Iesan tickle his foot as Lex screams, "NO FAIR! HAHAHAHA!"

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Got a pair of hot young smokers and feet lovers for you, Aeron a hot sporty Latino jock who teased us with his smooth tight ass and nice hard cock, and Manu a smoking hot Latino jock who taunted us with his hot body begging to be fucked! These young sporty jocks got together for a hot fuck session. The two guys undress each other peeling back their briefs and exposing their hot Latin meat. Manu moves down and sucks on Aeron’s thick Latin cock, getting him nice and hard before straddling the cock between his legs and squatting down on it. Ass Cheeks pulled apart as he bucks his hips working Aeron’s cock deep in his ass he spins around and leans back allowing Aeron to buck his hips below and thrust his thick Latin cock deep into Manu. Aeron lays Manu on his back and grabs his ankles and pumps his thick hard Latin cock into his smooth tight ass, balls slapping with the increasingly faster thrusting till he arches back and moans with pleasure before unloading his hot cum. Check out for more hot action from across the globe.

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Asian Bondage GamesAsian TickledAsian Tickle Feet Tickling Twistian Asian BoyTrapped and tickledAsian Twink Suck Cock Oh yes it is so nice to see Julian at twist and stretching his slim smooth brown tender Asian body in all directions during his tickle torture. Tickle me Elmo 🙂

Lex takes Julian into the yellow room at and ties him down to the bed for some tickling fun. Julian is kinda shy at first but as soon as Lex starts poking around to find the tickle spots, it doesn't take long to get Julian giggling and laughing and squirming. Lex tickles his feet like an expert tickler then decides to suck his cock to get him hard. After hard dick is acheived, Lex goes back to finish the tickle torture. Jag älskar kittliga asiatiska pojkar!!!

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If you like Asian boys, tickling and older guys doing Pinoy twinks you will love Im just telling you 😉

And here is Daddy's story at :

I couldn't wait to get my tickling fingers all over this adorably cute gay Asian boy Cyruz. I started out with him fully clothed and did some testing for ticklishness on his perfect, smooth Asian boy feet, then worked my way up to tickling his upper body. I got some great ticklish reactions out of him and so it was time for him to strip down and show off his gorgeous smooth brown Asian twink body. I tied him down and began my tickle assault. After a few minutes of tickling, I decided I wanted to see his Asian cock fully hard, so I sucked him for a while and he instantly got a solid hard on. I teased and tickled him switching from erotic sucking and kissing to keep his dick hard. Finally we decided it was time to release him from his bondage and make love.

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  This is sexy groupy fun from After putting Arjo through a team tickle torture ordeal, the two Asian cuties got so horny and decided to console Arjo by releasing him from his bonds and titillating him with sensual touching, cock sucking, and concluding with a three-way jerk off session.

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001010012 Japanese twinks Masataka and Hiroto are back for more sex fun and games at Horny Hiroto starts by licking Masataka's body and sucking his cock. The cock makes Hiroto's Hole twitch and soon he's on all fours begging for his ass to get rimmed. Masataka opens that sweet ass up and goes to work on Hiroto's hole, licking and kissing it. Then he finds a trusty toy vibrator, and inserts into Hiroto's twitching butthole. That obviously makes Hiroto even more happy and horny, as we see the close up insertions of his beautiful flower absorbing the vibrator and squeezing it out of his perfect puckered boy hole

Masataka wants to play some more sex games with Hiroto, so he moves from his ass to his feet and tickles sweet Hiroto. Hiroto laughs, and let me tell you it's so sweet seeing this boy smile. Masataka proceeds to lick his feet and suck his toes. Hiroto returns the favor and kisses and licks Masataka's feet. Then he moves from the feet back to Masataka's cock, which he sucks. It seems Hiroto's feet really turn Masataka on, so Hiroto massages Masataka's nipples with his toes. That's enough to make Masataka shoot his he squirts his white jizz all over Hiroto's feet. I think both of these boys enjoyed playing with each other. Do you want to play with them too?  

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ab18001ab18002ab18005 ab18006ab18007ab18008 This is a cute 18 years old nameless Chinese boy. He has now got his own website named

Well it is not only him, it also features his older kinky daddy who perform his nasty little games on this young sweetheart. From simple jerk off's and more harder stuff like bondage, blindfold and electric toys. Take a look here.

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