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Gabriel´s martyrdom at GangsterFuck is just about to really start. The monks now focus on his ass. He has to give several blow-jobs and gets heavily beaten. They penetrate his anus with all possible things. His body gets maltreated all over with hot wax. And the caning continues. The monks love to hear him scream and they keep filming the helpless guy. Gabriels Martyrium beginnt jetzt erst richtig. Die Mönche bearbeiten seinen Arsch auf brutalste Weise. Er muss blasen und bekommt heftige Schläge. Sie führen ihm alles mögliche in den Anus ein. Sein ganzer Körper wird mit kochend heißem Wachs malträtiert. Und immer wieder diese Schläge. Die Mönche filmen den ihnen ausgelieferten Boy. El martirio de Gabriel está a punto de empezar realmente. Los monjes se centran ahora en el culo. Él tiene que dar varios reventones puestos de trabajo y es golpeadofuertemente. Penetran en el ano con todas las cosas posibles. Su cuerpo semaltratado por todas partes con cera caliente. Y la paliza sigue. Los monjes le gustaoír tus gritos y siguen filmando el chico indefenso.

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Maybe this shit from GangsterFuck is a little rough to be posted here on the Cute Boy Guide 😉 Naked and tied Gabriel is laying at the altar. As he sees the hooded monks he is scared to death. What do they want from him? One on the monks calls himself Lucifer. He is continuously beating the helpless guy. Pain and torture are supposed to break this will. The second monk starts to play with Gabriel´s boy-cherry. Now they can do everything with him. Desnudo y atado Gabriel está poniendo en el altar. Como ve a los monjes encapuchados le tiene miedo a la muerte. ¿Qué es lo que quieren de él? Uno de los monjes se llama Lucifer. Él está continuamente batiendo el chico indefenso. El dolor yla tortura se supone que para romper esta voluntad. El segundo monje se pone a jugar con Gabriel, muchacho-cereza. Ahora se puede hacer todo con él. Nackt und gefesselt liegt Gabriel auf dem Altar. Beim Anblick der Vermummten überkommt ihn Todesangst. Was wollen sie von ihm? Einer der Mönche nennt sich Lucifer. Er schlägt den hilflosen Boy pausenlos. Schmerz und Folter sollen Gabriel gefügig machen. Der zweite Mönch nimmt sich dessen Boyfotze vor. Sie können jetzt alles mit ihm machen.

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Dennis lays in his own piss. His body is red from the painful hot wax. Thor drags the boy into another room. Now everything happens very fast. A short moment of pain and his tormentor is deep inside him. He mercilessly bareback fucks Dennis in several uncomfortable positions. After he shouts his massive load into the guy?s face he finally leaves him in this pitiful position.

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After special training in the gay Asian porn army, two soldiers must test their new skills on a twink they snatched off the street. In an interrogation room they drip hot candle wax on their horny captive, to get him to do as they please. This works quite well. It turns out the boy is eager to suck their hard cocks, drink their warm piss, and have his ass split open by a double cock fuck. The soldiers can not quite believe their instant success. So they punish the twink with a painful dildo, stretch his hole with a their fist and then make him spill his spermy secrets before he has to swallow all their soldier cum. This is so fucking wild and hot, all bareback and wild. The "chubby" bottom is taking it all and having a good time doing it!

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Angelic little Luckas layton at BoyNapped is made to suffer the evil mind of Sebastian Kane in this hot video. Stretched to his limits and showing off every defined muscle in his tight little body, Luckas can be nothing but submissive to Sebastian's acts. Poor little kid is then covered in hot wax before being brought to his climax, shooting his warm load out onto the floor.



Luckas can be nothing but submissive to Sebastian's acts. Poor little kid is then covered in hot wax before being brought to his climax, shooting his warm load out onto the floor.

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This is hot and cool, or should I say ICE COLD from BoyNapped. Damn that does not look pleasant! Wonder how small his balls will get by this coldness torture...

  Baby-faced Scott Williams at BoyNapped is in for some real pain in this video with the sadistic twink Ashton Bradley. Tied to a sling, Scott can only twist and turn in agony as he is covered in ice, wax, and deep heat, before Ashton Forces him to cum. Ashton continues his painfull abuse on Scott's not ultra-sensitive dick before leaving him hanging.

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More wild action from in a war-torn country! This cute skinhead goes trough some heavy shit! Poor guy 🙁 Put into a tiny cell, then heavily spanked and forced to suck the soldier. Vadim has to lick the toes and gets fiercely tortured by Jurek who uses a very painful nipple clamp and hot wax to burn the skin of his captive.Vadim squats in a tiny cell. He is not able to move a single inch nor even to raise his head. Hours later Jurek enters the room and ends this torment just to start another one. Vadim has to bend over a springbok and gets his hands fixed to the nearby rack. Then Jurek starts to spank him with a paddle and his hands. The soldier wants his captive to feel the pain and to get the ass red!

Then Jurek sits on the rack and pushes his dirty-soldier-feet directly in the boy´s face. “Lick it, lick it clean, boy!” Reluctantly the boy obeys and slowly his wet tongue massages every single toe. The soldier is quite surprised how horny this little game would make him. He gets his cock out and makes the boy suck. Then he moves Vadim to the rack. Again he chains his hands and feet. Then he gets out a silver nipple-clamp. He puts it on his nipples, on his arm-muscles, to his stomach and even on his eyebrows. Vadim struggles in pain but he has to accept this procedure as part of the punishment. When Jurek lightens the candle it is time to start another game. The boy could never even imagine how painful hot liquid wax could be. Now he feels it burning his skin.

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  There seems to be no end to Steven Prior's pain. He returns to in much the same position as we did see him last time - restrained to the ceiling and at the mercy of what ever we throw at him. This time it's scorching hot wax which covers his body as he cries out in pain, before being given a hand job by a cute innocent looking twink.

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Slim blond boys in hardcore action from, see some outakes here, this is raw fucking HOT!

Calvin Croft is found by Ashton Bradley in a position perfect for a good, VERY hard fuck. Never one to turn down getting inside a good looking boy, Ashton begins to work in Calvin in his own unique way. Ashton sets up his new invention, The Wax Dripper, before getting to work on Calvin's ass with fingers and toys and he goes hard and deep with that dildo. Before long Ashton is pounding the poor blonde twink whilst his dripper covers calving back in hot wax. This fantastic video is brought to a climax when Calvingets a sticky facial of Ashton's hot cum.

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