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Check out what Japanboyz got to tell , very hot ; This is a first for Japanboyz and the crew and unlike anything we’ve ever done or experienced. Thanks to one of our contacts in Japan being a “friend of a friend” we’ll say, we were invited to a rare and unique event. The best I can do to describe it would be sort of like having an “open house” but, by invitation only. On this particular day, a local “sex club” provides a unique service for both their “members” (clients) and a “select few” companies in the porn industry. Yup, you guessed it, we happen to be one of the “select few” this time. Of course, members have to complete the legal documentation, but this is part of their fantasy… to be a famous porn star. As you watch this video, you’ll hear conversations and commotion in the background. This is from other members and film crews as they move throughout the facility from room to room. It was a truly a very unique experience for us and nothing or anyone could have prepared us for. Upon entering, the rules are explained to us as a film crew and we are shown where to go. As we walk down a hallway passing room after room, sex explodes in every imaginable form and in some ways that none of you ever even considered or dared think about. We spot a door at the end of the hall with a window and a man sitting in what we now know is a private 2 person sauna. As we approach, the gentleman is alone and pleasuring himself, acknowledges our presence and invites us to open the door. We engage in conversation and learn that he goes by the name of “Ko” within the club.

Let’s fast forward to the next scene. Moving to a small but empty bedroom nearby, we get to see ALL of Ko and his beautifully sculpted muscular body. (get a load of those abs!) He obviously works out in real life and perhaps a body builder with his muscular chest and upper body. The legs too! He is completely shaven smooth right down to every “crook and cranny.” Besides the unique set of cock and ball ring that he wears, he has a butt plug the likes of which none of us have ever seen. It’s really magnificent! Ko lives out his sexual fantasies to the fullest here at the club and includes wearing a meshed covered ski mask. While lying on the bed cooling off from the sauna, we get to take in every inch of his body with our camera… WOW! is all I can say and it’s not often I say that after having worked in this industry and seen or at least thought I had seen pretty much everything there was to see. After a few minutes, a young man (Kaede) 18 to 20 I would say, enters Ko’s room and approaches Ko laying on the bed. Kaede starts to play and suck on Ko’s enlarged nipples which seems to drive him crazy with excitement as we see Ko’s cock stiffen. Kaede continues sucking on Ko’s nipples and twisting them as Ko himself twists and turns in the bed unable to hold back. Kaede then moves down to suck Ko’s hard cock. Ko reaches down to undress Kaede and play with his nipples while Kaede is busy sucking his cock and then turns Kaede over on the bed and reaches into his pants and takes the lead of aggressor. Lying on top of Kaede, he kisses and pulls at Kaede’s tongue with his teeth and lips before moving down to suck on his nipples. Once removing Kaede’s pants, Ko positions himself between Kaede’s legs and begins to suck on the boys cock and then aggressively eat and tongue his ass. When the time is right, Ko reaches for the lube and begins to work his fingers in and out of Kaede’s hole. Ko then gives Kaede a good face fucking and they exchange some kissing before Ko throws Kaede’s legs back in the air and drives his cock, cock rings and all into Kaede’s ass until he cums deep inside of Kaede. This is raw, unrehearsed Japanese gay bareback sex at its best! The video doesn’t end here. Earlier on and being the “kinky little shit” that I am, I had placed a mini camcorder in the bathroom “just in case” (wink). As fortune would have it, we got to see Kaede jack himself off after being fucked by Ko. So don’t think the video is over when Ko cums in Kaede’s ass! Download the Full Video at

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These young Latino students are hungry for sex and cash. So when they get invited by a couple of older men they go for it. Check out this hot picture set from the session, and the actually video on the site DadsFun let you switch between 3 cameras when watching. Really hot!

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Check out this new fetish site that I discovered today. OMG this young Latino or Italian(?) 18 year old boy is so fucking cute, and he doing this old fat lady. Damn look at that cute smile, that perfect slim slightly brown boyish body and what a perfect dark cock. I am so fucking jealous of that old cunt! I so want to be her…. or … well I would like to switch places with her. Having that Italian young teenage stud fucking my ass all bareback whit his hard straight precum dripping cock 😉

This swarthy dude is a long-time patient of Dr. Lucia`s. From time to time she checks his progress to see if he`s doing any better. Well, this time, she found out he actually was doing a lot better! Watch him get hard right away as she starts sucking, and then jackhammering this heavy dick into her hole hard and raw. Dr. Lucia almost got more than she could handle here!

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This must be a fantasy come true over at for many gay guys. Being coach for a teenage football team, and having sex with all the boys in the locker-room. Damn this is hot, and so are the boys too. They got balls, and we like balls!

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Here is new cute twink Justin Hawk at at, that is also a part of ClubAmateurUSA Studio . Damn he is cute, and look at that perfect little smooth butt! Someone is gona get their fingers stuck in there .

Cute 20 year old twink Justin Hawk flew in from N. Carolina for an Erotic massage from in-house masseuse Chad Brock at ClubAmateurUSA Studio . He’s been wanting to do this for some time and finally was able to make it down. After the interview, Justin lays on his stomach on the massage table. Chad begins rubbing Justin from the tip of his shoulders, down to his ankles. He rubs between his butt cheeks and begins Justin’s prostate massage. Chad has Justin get on his knee’s and bend over, while he does a little rubbing and tugging on his cock, while massaging his balls. Chad has Justin sit up and lean back against him, while he massages his chest, stomach, arms and his cock. A relaxed Justin now moves to his back, where Chad begins a frontal rub, while kissing Justin gently. Chad adds more massage oil and begins the final part of the session. With a few minutes of firm stroking of Justin’s hard cock, he warns Chad that he’s about to cum and cum he did, in multiple spurts, across his smooth stomach. Chad cleans away the cum and when asked, Justin said he’d for sure be back for more, finishing with a kiss!

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Check out the four School Boys from It is so fucking hot, these Latino Teens have such smooth asses. That is something their older Teacher Hunk likes! That lucky man get to fuck them all, and they get so eager that they all fuck each other too. This Latin orgy is hot as hell, and the boys are sweet … and gay fucing horny!

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Oh my good this is a sweet Twink, Matthew Keading and he got some big balls! Here he get a good erotic massage by hot sugar Daddy at, that is also a part of ClubAmateurUSA Studio .

Matthew Keading is a straight, curious 18 y/o twink from N. California, who loves video games. He’s on vacation in Florida, where he’s come by the ClubAmateurUSA Studio to experience his first erotic massage and it just happens to be with a older man. In-house Masseuse Chad Brock cannot wait to get his hands on Matthew!

He begins with a light body rub and a massage of Matthew’s boy hole. Since he’s so relaxed, Chad begins some easy fingering, followed by a nice rim job. Now with him up on all 4’s, Chad has his balls and cock in hand, rubbing and pulling down, while fingering Matthew with his other hand. Chad asks him to turn on his back. Matthew is without a doubt liking this new SeXperience.

Chad takes his cock in his mouth, giving him some oral and an abundance of firm ball grabbing, stroking action. Matthew begins to quiver and tremble as he delivers a splattering cum shot from his stomach to his neck! When asked how it was for him, he simply said It was amazing and he’d be back!

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Daddy treat a nice Asian hunk with his special massage procedure over at

He ran across a guy who at first seemed to crave a special kind of massage. Something tells me he knew what he was getting himself into.

He got daddy’s special oil all over his sweet body and got to work! Masseur. 

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Wow! After seeing this I am sure I am gonna get a massage soon. This Asian hunk at is getting a pretty all around RUB! Big hairy Daddy sure know how to use his tools.

This hairy daddy at is one lucky man, he got a massage appointment with Nico.

The Asian hunk had some back pain , so he got some stretching here and there. Then Nico got oiled up and massaged by those big strong man hands, the hands also got his cock and ass hole.

Big daddy also uses his special massage dildo and glass butt plug up Nicos hole. Then it ends up in some heavy fucking and cum shoots all over!

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This is more of  Zac from this week. He is actually the oldest model for now to be featured on the site 🙂 But he sure got a nice body and he’s got a thick tool when it is hard.
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