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The Doctor turns into a patient due to a rectal prolapse after some heavy dildo fucking and visit the Doctor at Doctor Twink for a proper anal examination.

Pong has come to Doctor Twinks Gay Clinic for a serious anal examination. The doctor pinches Pongs nipples to test his reflexes, sucks the boys cock and licks his cute ass to ensure there no sexual issues. But Doctor Twink feels more kinky than usual. After inserting a few big dildos, he wants to go deeper and fists his horny patient. Slutty Pong enjoys the doctors fist and wants him to ram it in even deeper. Very kinky, full on fisting action like you have never seen before from Doctor Twink!

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There is new Asian doctor over at Doctor Twink now, with a hell of allot more experience. His name is Pong and in this scene he is taking care of his patient, Aek.   After a light medical examination the Doctor find Aek’s hard cock, one thing leads to another and soon both boys suck each others cock. Aek, the dark skin patient  is then licking Pong’s ass before he fuck him all bareback by doctors order.  Then in the following amazing scene, Pong get first one big dildo up his ass, then a second dildo at the same time!  This guy REALLY takes it!  Then Aek replaces one of the dildos with his cock, and fuck him hard while the other is still inside. But it does not stop there, the patient takes total control and insert an enema hose into the doctors hole while fucking him.  Making that hole squirt milk every time he pulls out.   Finally Aek cum while fucking the Doctor,  and when the Doctor want to cum, he first inserts an even bigger dildo faar up his hole to be able to cum.  Guess who will get a full hand-balling examination in the next Doctor Twink update!

This is great from Doctor Twink , there are some really hardcore scenes with action barely seen before in any gay porn available.

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Dave had a motorcycle accident during Songkran Festival and his arm hurts. So today he visits Doctor Twink’s masturbatorium for some insertion tests. Luckily, the boys responds well to an intrusive exam with an anal speculum and a check of his scrotum. Dave’s genitals work very well. In fact, the horny boy likes the doctor’s attentions so much he ejaculates prematurely. The doc now knows his therapy works. But the tests are not over. Dave gets a huge injection squirted deep in his ass. Then Doctor Twink pushes in his own penis to make sure it is well absorbed. When he pulls his cock out, Dave squirts the enema juices all over. But the doctor does not stop and fucks his patient in many different ways until the twink shoots a second time. Now Dave is declared healed, and is sent home after he swallows a dollop of the doctor’s own cum.

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Horny boy Jason is not feeling to well today and calls the doctor from Doctor Twink . He is a bit surprised when a new face shows up at his bed. The doctor has sent his new intern because he knows that Jason’s complaints are quickly resolved with a dose of tender loving physical care. And this horny intern has no hesitation to administer such care. It starts with a quick peck on the mouth.
Garçon Horny Jason ne se sent pas à bien aujourd’hui et appelle le médecin de Minets docteur. Il est un peu surpris quand un nouveau visage apparaît sur ​​son lit. Le médecin a envoyé son nouveau stagiaire parce qu’il sait que les plaintes de Jason sont rapidement résolus avec une dose d’appel d’offres aimer les soins physiques. Et ce stagiaire cornée n’a pas hésité à administrer de tels soins. Il commence par un rapide baiser sur la bouche.

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This is extreme from Doctor Twink . That Thai gay bottom really proves the he is a big bottom slut! Just by looking the way Vernon takes that long thick dildo and pounds it all the way into Best’s ass who just takes it all over and over again. No wonder his rosebud peaking out several times during this wild anal session. Very kinky movie and somewhat dirty session, but absolutely fantastic!Doctor Twink operates on a cute boy with an enema, a glass of milk and a huge dildo. The doc starts his preparation with the big plastic cock-needle. In and out it goes, to loosen the twink’s tight ass. Then Doc Twink pours in a glass of milk and rims the boy’s ass clean. Once the doc has completed a rectal exam he has an intense orgasm and feels a lot better. But has the patient improved as well? Find out by Clicking Here and Visit DoctorTwink.

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This is hot from BoyNapped from their latest new update! How wide will this boy hole become?


As if Calvin Croft’s hole wasn’t stretched enough from his various encounters with the BoyNapped team over the last few months,
he is back for some extreme toy play that’s really going to open him up wide.

This is followed up with a hard spanking for being such a dirty boy slut.


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There is a new Doctor in Pattaya City, and no it is not Doctor Feelgood , but pretty close! It is Kyle at DoctorTwink , he got the tools to make you horny.The new Doctor Twink is back at work after a summer course at Porn University, and have great new content to entice the visitors.

The doctor wants to try his new bareback remedy on his first patient, a twink named Benz.

Benz complains he does not feel horny anymore.

The doc orders the cute boy to take off all his clothes and is a bit surprised to find a boner inside.

He does an oral exam on that right away, and follows it up with a milk enema, a golden shower and lots of bareback fucking action

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Sexy Dylan is open for the most kinky and nasty fantasies. Like here he visits the doctor who do experiments with Dylan’s penis. DAMN! That looks very painful! The doctor is really concentrated in his examinations, he really pushes that thing deep down inside Dylan’s urine tract. You can see how Dylan gasps and grins, and twitching his hands and body. Just be aware before you watch, this is more then some guys like to see.

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This is a short cut of one of several scenes added to the AsiaBoy Network this week. This clip is from the DoctorTwink update and it is hot as usual with a new cute twink up for his examination 😉

“Oh dear, oh dear. Simon has had a motorcycle accident and now he went to see a freshy doctor. Just out of university, the doc does not quite know where and what to examine with this wounded twink. The sexy lad’s vital signs are OK. So the horny Doctor decides a warm milk enema, a huge anal injection and a dose of piss are just the right treatment for this cute lad.”

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This is a short cut of one of  several scenes added to the AsiaBoy Network this week. This clip is from the DoctorTwink update and it is hot as usual with a new cute twink up for his examination 😉

“Paul is a cute and sexy boy and he has come to see the doctor with a mysterious ailment. The good Dr Twink checks the lad’s vital signs but it seems there is nothing wrong except that the boy turns out to be a virgin. He is in need of deflowering. That is a problem Dr Twink is happy to solve and he checks out the boys tight rectum with his tongue. That is just the start.”

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This is a short cut of one of FIVE scenes added to the AsiaBoy Network this week. This clip is from the DoctorTwink update and it is hot as usual 😉

“This week we have a new doctor in the house. One of his patients is the fresh and sexy twink Joe. He has been feeling a bit down lately and wants the horny doctor to check him out. Such a tasty lad can not go untouched and after checking vital signs, the gay medical professional inserts his fingers in the boy’s tight ass, to their mutual delight. That’s just a prelude to a lot more bareback fun.”

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