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Day Day at CocoDorm jay walkin and stumbling around like a damn foo, but Neiko is there to catch him and save his life. In return Day Day whips out his dick and makes Neiko choke on it. He loves that shit of course, he's crazy for some gangsta thug dick. He likes that bad boy vibe and wants to fuck every inch of Day Day's piece. Neiko saying he ain't sucked no dick before, but you can tell he's full of shit. He knows how to work it with those pretty lips like a pro and he can take that dick like it's nothing! He loves being fucked by Day Day and licking  those salty chocolate balls!

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Check out new black model Neiko Nolan over at Here is a free gallery from his solo session, and tasty bit of his even hotter video 😉

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Tyler TrentonTyler TrentonTyler Trenton Tyler TrentonTyler TrentonTyler Trenton 18 year old little mocca boy Tyler Trenton at presenting his newest hottest commodity to his homie Neiko Nolan. Tyler is tryna get a record deal for Chase, so he does a little singing. It's all nice and shit, but Neiko's all like hell naw bro, but I tell you what, you suck my dick you gettin a record deal. Chase is a lil pissed the fuck off at that, but Tyler is all like fuck it, I'll suck yo dick instead. And once it gets steamy between the two Chase wants some of dat ass too and gets right up in there. Neiko and Chase fuck Tyler from every direction, bustin that ass and mouth wide open with their monster dicks. Chase lands a fat nut all over Tyler's ass and Chase and Neiko lick that shit right up. Nasty, but hot as fuck! I just love this new black teen boy Tyler Trenton over at . He is so cute, petite and a fucking great bottom! Even is over use of the world "Shit", but on the other hand he is really getting his shit fucked faar up his throat by that long big cock! 😉

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