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Omn Namhot is back in this new great set fresh from South Asia at PrivateBoyMovie. He is a very popular boy and always have a smile ready for every occasion. Omn is far from shy and after some sexy poses with a few clothes of the rest fall of too. Letting us see his petite smooth Asian body and rather well sized cock for such a small guy. He get a helping hand from the photographer, adding some baby oil to his soft skin making it even softer and shiny. Omn Namhot enjoy posing and giving us many different sexy views of his oil greased ass, and his cock going from soft to hard. Omn like any other good boy finishes off with a good jerking, resulting in cum all over his stomach and then mixed together with the baby oil for a perfect body-lotion. AND Don’t miss out on his other set and ass fucked videos too all available now at

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Bad boys bad boys, what we gonna do with them. GayWarGames does seem to know the answer! His clothes are torn apart. Sven gets beaten and stripped. Then lubed with oil and penetrated with iron tools. He has to suck and gets sucked. Finally he obeys to being used as a sex slave.

Now the soldiers really seem to freak out. They tear their prisoner´s clothes apart. Rip his shirt and Jeans. Sven is in a helpless position. His vulnerable body is well fixed and his arms and legs are spread wide apart. He tries to beg for mercy but suddenly one soldier gags him with parts of what once was his T-shirt. The struggling young man gets many kicks into his stomach and his eyes are filled with tear drops from pain.
Now they undress him completely . His undies and pants are down. His tormentors touch him with their greedy hands literally everywhere. They want to degrade him. One soldier takes some dirty oil and starts to lube Sven´s body with it. The Russian guy is nothing more than a toy now. An object for lustful torture. They lift his legs and start to fondle his hole. With an iron tool they start to penetrate the pitiful guy.
In order to humiliate the guy even more they try to make him hard. One soldiers starts to suck him. And with the iron tool still in his ass his body starts to betray the Russian spy. After this he is ordered to go on his knees and suck. Kusja, the mechanic, keeps spanking the guy. Sven finally obeys to being used as a sex slave.

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Cute Asian boy Omn Namhot get played up and and his smooth body oiled in by the cameraman at This is obvious a big turn on for the horny boy and his hard perfect cock is throbbing and his hole hungers to get filled up. Fingers slips inside making his ass gape, then he get what he wants! White big cock deep inside his ass! Omn Namhot’s response is clear, he really likes it and get fucked harder and harder resulting in white goo pumping out of his gaping hole. But Omn obvious needed something thicker to get really filled up, so he insert a big green vegetable up his ass and fuck himself with a helping hand from the cameraman, ending in a creamy cum shoot. Then he show off with some anal ball games until the cameraman can not hold his load anymore and shoots a big load all over Omn’s cum hungry ass. Extreme hardcore White on Asian sex at it’s best, download all in members area now!

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Asian twink Nek Chorn working as a gay massage boy. He loves his work and and sometimes he even slip down on his customers cock. Here he show us his smooth Asian body and hard medium sized cock. As well as his delicious bottomless ass who we also can see get drilled hard by white cock at

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Cute and smiling Wong is like most Asian boys got silky smooth skin and he got nice dark pubes just around his cock. But here he shave them all off for the us to enjoy, he even get hard while shaving. When all his pubes is away his nice hard cock stand even more out in the light, a perfect hard rod on a very horny Asian boy! Wong eagerly show his sexy body, and then smearing baby-oil over his brown skin. The wet oily looks just makes him even more delicious. This sexy Asian twink also give us a nice cum shoot in the end and he even give it a quick taste all over at

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Have you ever had Gay Thai Massage in Thailand ? No ? Then you gotta see this from AsiaBoy , because this show you what you can expect and I am not kidding!
Rain and Ray give each other a very erotic oil massage. It makes them so horny they end up fucking each other bareback in a romantic candle lit room. Ray really gets in the mood and has an intense climax when Ray touches his cock. And one thing you surely will not miss here is Ray’s cum shoot, it is like canon going off!

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Blaze with his curly hair at is very good looking. Here he also smooth shaved making his delicious cock stand more out. This guy has a very nice body wich also show even better after a bottle of oil all over his smooth skin. Enjoy free pictures with Blaze or get the full set here.

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Daddy treat a nice Asian hunk with his special massage procedure over at

He ran across a guy who at first seemed to crave a special kind of massage. Something tells me he knew what he was getting himself into.

He got daddy’s special oil all over his sweet body and got to work! Masseur. 

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Wow! After seeing this I am sure I am gonna get a massage soon. This Asian hunk at is getting a pretty all around RUB! Big hairy Daddy sure know how to use his tools.

This hairy daddy at is one lucky man, he got a massage appointment with Nico.

The Asian hunk had some back pain , so he got some stretching here and there. Then Nico got oiled up and massaged by those big strong man hands, the hands also got his cock and ass hole.

Big daddy also uses his special massage dildo and glass butt plug up Nicos hole. Then it ends up in some heavy fucking and cum shoots all over!

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This is a cute 18 years old nameless Chinese boy. He has now got his own website named

Well it is not only him, it also features his older kinky daddy who perform his nasty little games on this young sweetheart.

From simple jerk off’s and more harder stuff like bondage, blindfold and electric toys. Take a look here.

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This Chinese boy is named “Hb”. He is very cute and is a  straight.hottie from Asian-Boy-Models. 
Here he smears his sexy body in with oil before he get to suck a old man cock!  
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