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Detention can be more painful then you think. Dallas Trenton and Kurt Summers from SpankThis take turns getting a taste of School Master Jeff Sterne's heavy handed discipline. They learned the hard way why bullying doesn't pay off. Both boys are spanked silly and humiliated beyond belief to get the point through their thick skulls. Sterne makes sure these naughty twinks learn their lesson.

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A recorded Live Spank Event from SpankThis. Jeff Sterne and TJ Wood administer a spankathon featuring Chase Young, Nicholas Leoni, Alexi Morgan and Tony Wolf. There's no yelling cut for these boys when a live camera is rolling, and their smooth rear's are getting spanked until their raw and red. That is allot of fine young asses!

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Michael Lee' spanks Jacobey London at SpankThis and he get a screaming good workout!

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Oh my oh my! Check out this hot new update from I just love 18 year old Sencer Keve, he is absolute fantastic. He get his ass beaten until it is red and soar, guess that bad boy liked it! Jeff Sterne spanks Sencer Keve 🙂

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Christian Collin's gets more then he bargained for signing up for a spank session with Jeff Sterne at Jeff gives this smooth twink an ass whooping he's sure to remember, making his ass red as his hair!

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Damn! Jeff over at really goes wild on this one! Poor Chris ass gets smoking red with a white hand print on 🙂

Spanking bossJeff Sterne isn't to happy with Riverz recent porn performance, so he bends him over the knee and gives him a good hard whacking in punishment. Then the paddle....

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Here is Latin boy Keine Sorgen getting some ass punishment. Keine has a great ass, it looks so accessible, his wrinkly butt hole is inviting perfect!

  What happens when frisky boys burry their heads in trash mags and video games when they should be studying? When Keine's grades start to slip, Sterne comes in with the big paddles, and he won't stop swatting until Sorgen's ass is painfully abused, and the twink learns his lesson.

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Matthew at / get his ass spanked glowing red and soar, poor porr guy.

Even smart Latino boys need some heavy discipline sometimes. Looks like a job for Jeff Sterne who bends the young twink over his lap and swats him over his Levis. We learn just how much damage was done to the boy's smooth bare bum when his pants are removed. The pain only stands to increase as Sterne swats harder an faster making sure Cross's flesh is burning red, then its time to shove Matthew's four eye face down on Sterne's hard cock....another lesson learned.

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Jeff Sterne wants to find a reason to spank cute Latin boy, Alexi Morgan, even though he'll be taking a paddle to him either way.

This time Sterne accuses him of getting drunk last night which calls for a more severe ass punishment and face fucking.

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  And for those who like him. Because I like him! This week there are 2 updates featuring cute Asian mixed boy Roxy Red on Some goood fucking and some goood spanking. See the trailers here 😉 "Cody thinks Roxy needs some practice before tomorrow. Watch as Roxy's tight little ass hole gets pounded by Cody's thick 9 inch cock!" Click here to see the full movie and download in HD at Helix Studios. Now updates with 5 full videos every week. Love ya Roxy! And I so want to lick your ass...

[flv: 450 254]

Roxy Red actually noticed my blog and wrote a comment here and here.  AND you can find his blog HERE. So sorry Roxy my rude comment about your "porn name".  I hope you can forgive me 😉  He also told me that his father is from UK and his mother is from the Philippines. Sooo sweeeeeeet! 🙂 Here are some short cuts from his latest scene over at SpankThis  / Helix Studios. Those two other Twinks a very nice too, but Roxy is my number one 😉 Click here to see the full movie and download in HD at SpankThis / Helix Studios. Roxy sweety. Can I get a picture (non studio) when you smile ?  🙂