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Dave had a motorcycle accident during Songkran Festival and his arm hurts. So today he visits Doctor Twink’s masturbatorium for some insertion tests. Luckily, the boys responds well to an intrusive exam with an anal speculum and a check of his scrotum. Dave’s genitals work very well. In fact, the horny boy likes the doctor’s attentions so much he ejaculates prematurely. The doc now knows his therapy works. But the tests are not over. Dave gets a huge injection squirted deep in his ass. Then Doctor Twink pushes in his own penis to make sure it is well absorbed. When he pulls his cock out, Dave squirts the enema juices all over. But the doctor does not stop and fucks his patient in many different ways until the twink shoots a second time. Now Dave is declared healed, and is sent home after he swallows a dollop of the doctor’s own cum.

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Jess at GangsterFuck is really pissed, He had a bad day and is looking for trouble. And this guy offended him. He carries him away to his car where he blindfolds and tortures the frightened Dave. He brutally kicks him and starts to investigate the boy`s ass. After a while he drives to his garage. There he ties the boy again and rips off his jeans. Jess finally found his sex slave for today.

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This is hot from BoyNapped from their latest new update! How wide will this boy hole become?


As if Calvin Croft’s hole wasn’t stretched enough from his various encounters with the BoyNapped team over the last few months,
he is back for some extreme toy play that’s really going to open him up wide.

This is followed up with a hard spanking for being such a dirty boy slut.


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Here is from newest update on , I really like this one, some really cute twinks have joined in and is so fucking hardcore! Just read this scene description and see the clip :

The prison in the basement is dirty and cold. Jurek drags Vadim downstairs and pushes him into the cell where his mate, Dima, is already waiting. The boys are nude and frightened. Jurek tells Vadim to come closer to the bars and to go on his knees.” Suck, bitch!” He kicks the bars and scared Vadim obeys. The innocent lips of the boy touch a man´s cock the first time. And the respect-less young insurgent is nothing more but a sex-toy right now.

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A few moment later Jack joins the scenery. He orders Dima to give him a blow-job. And so both boys are now on their knees licking and sucking like girls. The soldiers push their massive cocks deep into the throats. Then they change their position. Now Jurek goes for Dima and Vadim has to suck Jack. But the soldiers get bored. They want to see some actions between the boys. So they tell them to suck each other on the bed inside their cell.
Time to go on with the correction now. Jack brings two gas-masks and the boys have to put them on. Jurek opens the door of the cell. “Go, go, go – out!”. The irritated boys come out of the cell and they worry about what will happen next. “Go down! Push-ups! Twenty, nineteen…” The boys obey but their untrained bodies have problems to keep up with the ordered speed. The soldiers bully the boys as good as they can till their exhausted bodies collapse on the floor. we might say is a “Spin-off” from , personaly I like GayWarGames better, something about this war torn country and those soldier running around and snatching their victims. on the other hand is quite new , but is coming and it is getting hotter and hotter 😉 Here is they Gangsterfuck clip description :
Hannibal fucks the shit out of Rene. The little weed-head is tied to a springbok and can do nothing but accept his destiny. Then Hannibal shouts his massive load directly into the boy´s innocent puss.

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One of my favourite bareback stories from goes on, and it is getting better and better!

Dragged to the interrogation room, involuntarily brutaly showered, stripped and then chained and strapped to a gynecological chair. First humiliated by an anal-speculum for a inside look and finally fucked in this helpless position. Vadim gets a good lesson, that is for sure!

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Here is yet another exlusive preview from PrivateBoyMovie. This time it is big dig Kaew who is up for some fun.

“Kaew has a big dick, and he is proud of it! Here he get to show it in all it’s hard glory, and then he get to be the bottom bitch. Kaew stretched that hole wide, and let himself get fucked even wider. Then he got a golf ball pushed up his gasping chute, and when it finally got out again it was time for some doctor games. Kaew got a speculum inserted into his ass for some deeper insights of him inner self!  For the finale he got cum splattered all over his chest and face before he shot his creamy load too.”

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