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Maybe you still remember CzechHunter‘ s last trip to Decin.  Well, CzechHunter‘ went there again. Already on the first they meet a fine young boy. Damn, he is cute. And CzechHunter get so close to persuade him. But then suddenly he got a call from a friend. Well, CzechHunter tried their luck a few more times. And finally – just after sunset – CzechHunter encountered a nice boy with wonderful blue eyes. He is a smart-ass. And indeed smart enough to accept CzechHunter‘s offer to pay him 3000 Crowns for showing us his cock. And as CzechHunter could see that he was eager for more money he offered them to follow him to the old garden of his parents. Now guess what happened this winter-day in this remote hut, huh.

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Very cute boy this time from CzechHunter.  Really nice seeing him take that big cock all bareback.YES!

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Do you know what is best about Theme parks? There are a lot of young guys.

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So here is their story, crazy as ever : And I have a new hobby. I like to buy their underwear. Yes. And I already collected a lot. Maybe we should sell them here online? Anyway. Yesterday afternoon I went to the park. And it was not very crowded. When I saw a young lad gambling at one of those stupid cheating machines I didn’t hesitate to approach him. I told him that I make a reportage about the park and that I need his opinion about a few attractions. It was really hard to persuade him to stop gambling. But it was rather easy to convince him to show me his cock and sell me his undies. He is doubtlessly my favorite boy so far. Guys, this movie is a real must!

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Check out this two hot guys getting lured over at Czech Hunter. Damn this is crazy shit! 🙂

Here is the naughty story : I am always careful when I approach two guys at the same time. Most of them are cool. Some just take it as fun but some react not really friendly. Nonetheless I saw this very attractive guy together with his friend walking down my street. I quickly switched on my cam and tried my luck. I asked them if they were interested in doing something crazy for money. After they rejected to run across the nearby bridge naked they agreed to fuck a bitch. A bitch? Well, as I am not into girls I suggested a plastic vagina. So we went to the next sex-shop round the corner, where I bought one. Afterwards we went straight to a hotel and the guys really started to fuck their new plastic toy. Now see what happened next.

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This is a very cute guy from a brand new site called Czech Hunter. Amazing what these guys are letting them do to them. Love this!
Here is the story : Sometimes it`s just all about luck. I just started my hunt today when I saw a young boy watching a showcase in a small mall. He was alone so I immediately approached him. I noticed that my cam sometimes makes the boys nervous. So this time I used a hidden cam. Please forgive me the rather bad quality in the beginning.I must admit that it was not a big fight this time. He agreed to show me his undies in a nearby public toilet for as little as 500 crowns. He even sold them for 1.000 more.It was even easy to persuade him to take my dick into his hands. But the real fun started when he agreed to continue in my apartment. He jerked me with his feet and I made him cum as well.

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O holy cock! Just look at Masumi Kato’s exploding cock!!! 🙂 Lick it all in at JapanBoyz.

After last week’s hot fuck where Ken pounded Masumi’s ass, Masumi was left with a raging hard-on. As Ken washed up, he took to the computer to watch a bit of gay Asian porn. Soon Ken was on his knees, blowing Masumi’s raging boner. Pre-cum dripping from his hard, red cock, we knew he was about to shoot a fucking huge load. And he did!! You will be amazed when you see how much this cute boy can cum.Download the full video in the highest quality at

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This is a very cute guy from a brand new site called Czech Hunter. He is just so adorable , and shy… but get lured away for cash and even get fucked bareback making his ass gape like I have almost never seen before! Love this!
Here is the story : Jiri told me that it is almost impossible for him to find boys in the city centre. Well, that was enough motivation for me to prove the opposite. I spent a whole afternoon there talking to guys and when it was already dark and I was close to give up I finally found a boy who was crazy enough to sell me his underwear. And as you certainly can imagine I went on persuading him for more. Once he was without undies he was a vulnerable catch for me. He wanted a lot of money. But I was more than willing to pay. In the end this young boy was a little pig. Ready to do everything for money. And I used his cute body in any possible way. Guys, you must really check out his hole after fucking him.

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More free pictures with Andy from 5StarBoys. Such a cute Russian twink with a nice cock, wouldnt you like to join him in the shower ? Lets hope he looses his soap…

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Masumi Kato my love from JapanBoyz is back again. This boy is MY new favourite over at JapanBoyz, now in perfect hardcore action with Ken. LOVE!
The second these 2 cute twinks got together they had instant hard-ons and they wasted no time stripping each other down. It was like love at first site as Ken licked Masumi’s stiff nipples and soon the boys were down to their underwear. Masumi sucked Ken’s sweet dick until it was nice and hard. After some nice rimming and fingering he offered up his beautiful smooth ass and hairless butthole to Ken’s nice throbbing cock. It was so lovely to see that beautiful butt as it rode up and down on this such a sexy boy’s cock. Ken continued pounding that ass like a good little fuck machine; after getting a wild ride where we see Masumi’s cock get harder as Ken fucks, he continues to pound him doggy style and on his back in the missionary position. It’s some very hot fucking with 2 beautiful boys, and of course ends with Ken’s cumshot and beautiful kiss goodbye. Download the full video in the highest quality at

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Free gallery with Masumi Kato from JapanBoyz. This boy is MY new favourite over at JapanBoyz, just love his cute face, slim body, skinny smooth ass and big cock. The naughty Asian twink here even piss in his underwear before going to the full action with fingering and jerking his big tool. LOVE!

The video starts as Masumi undresses and gets his cock nice and hard in his underwear, until it’s oozing with pre-cum. He heads to the shower where he pisses in his underwear, the pee dripping out like rain. After soiling his sexy undies he takes them off and jacks off his rock hard cock in a variety of positions. He wants to finish off on the bed, so dries off and then plays with his smooth butthole and jacks off his beautiful uncut cock. When he finally shoots his load, let me tell you this gay Asian boy has a lot of cum in those balls…shot after shot fires out like a little cum torpedo, as he drenches his body and neck in his own sweet jizz. From pissing, to pre-cum, to shooting a huge load of jizz Masumi Kato shows us that he doesn’t need a shower to get himself wet. And let me tell you something about Masumi. This is one cute Japanese twink you are going to drool over. He seems to have it all; cute face, big cock, hot little ass and insatiable horny lust to show it all of for you. Download the full video in the highest quality at

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This cute 18-year-old virgin boy Ivan is a little embarrassed while undressing in front of the camera at Why should he ? He is good looking and have a really nice smooth teen body. The only thing I would be embarrassed over is those boxers that looks like something my grandma would wear 🙂

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Asian twink Nek Chorn working as a gay massage boy. He loves his work and and sometimes he even slip down on his customers cock. Here he show us his smooth Asian body and hard medium sized cock. As well as his delicious bottomless ass who we also can see get drilled hard by white cock at

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