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Uncooperative – Episode 1 at GayWarGames

Dragged out of a bus and brought to an interrogation room at GayWarGames.com . With his hands and legs tied they gag him with a mouth-spreader. A soldier interrogates and humiliates the boy. He starts to finger-fuck his helpless prisoner.
The interrogation-room at GayWarGames.com is cold and dirty. Sascha is bound over a table. His legs and arms are well fixed. A mouth-spreader gags him. Two hours ago he was still sitting in a bus when a special commando stopped it and dragged him out. They cuffed him, blindfolded him and brought him to this place. This could only be a mistake.
Sascha is a student from a local high school in Novo Sazky. He has no idea why the Army arrested him and what they might want. He waits like 20 minutes now in this painful position. Spit is running out of his wide spread mouth. Then finally a soldier enters the room. He has a friendly face but somehow an evil grin, too.
He starts to ask him questions. If he was organizing last weeks demonstration in front of the parliament. Yes, he was there. But only as one of those who at least had the courage to raise their voices against the US-led invasion on behalf of the government fighting the Russian-supported upraising of the Tchukistani Rebels.
He wants to answer the questions. But with his mouth gagged he can say nothing. He soon notices that this is just the start of a degrading torment. The soldier starts to touch him, to play with his ass. Then he starts to call him names. A few seconds later his pants are down. What is going to happen now? He feels humiliated and humble. Then suddenly he feels something entering his anus. The soldier starts to finger-fuck the humiliated boy.

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